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Nurse Delegation and Supervision Training


Nurse delegation and supervision of assistive personnel is a complex, critical-thinking process requiring expert clinical judgment, superb emotional intelligence, and flexible, innovative leadership skills.   We can educate your staff in clinical delegation and leadership skills and assist your organization with cultural transformation to one of purposeful, effective teamwork.

Ruth Hansten is an internationally recognized expert in nurse delegation skills and has written Clinical Delegation Skills: A Handbook for Professional Practice which received the AJN Book of the Year Award in 1994 as a first edition. 

The 2009 4th edition (Jones and Bartlett) is used as a textbook for BSN nursing programs (see link to book on the left).  In addition to numerous journal articles, Dr. Hansten has also contributed the delegation chapter in Zerwekh and Claborn’s Nursing Today: Transition and Trends (Saunders), and the introductory chapter in LaCharity et al., Prioritization, Delegation, and Assignment text (Mosby), and consulted with the National Council of State Boards of Nursing for their delegation video education. 

The RROHCTM model of care includes these delegation practices that solidify skills necessary to create effective teams and safe patient care.

Do your staff have a clear plan in mind as they start their shifts or cases? See the chart* below for how efficiencies rise when staff begin to communicate properly and effectively.


RN Self Assessment of Delegation Skills

We offer workshops to enhance nurse delegation and team development. Using a practical and humorous approach to nursing, our faculty use experiential teaching methods to ensure that all participants not only learn how to delegate, but enjoy the learning process.

Check the links to the left or contact our office to schedule an on-site training workshop.


*Why nurses still must learn to delegate, Nurse Leader, Volume 6, Issue 5, Pages 19-26

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