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RROHC Implementation


Begin with the end in mind. We work with your vision of success and help you to create an implementation plan that will produce the results you are seeking. We'll help you to:

  • Establish intended outcomes.
  • Make a plan for organizational support in internal leadership (steering committee and coordinator.)
  • Assess the organization and establish a baseline of measurements for both outcomes and processes.
  • Plan educational strategies based on assessment information through the RROHCTM level one and level two programs.
  • Plan systems improvement or development based on assessment information.
  • Continue to measure outcomes and processes.
  • Expand education to disciplines other than nursing.
  • Continue education and coaching in RROHCTM processes.
  • Develop leaders and strengthen coaching efforts through the Master Coach training.


The RROHC Implementation ManualTM

This guide is a roadmap to implementing the Relationship and Results Oriented Healthcare philosophy and bundle of best practices. The RROHCTM professional model of care provides tools to create transdisciplinary partnerships with patients and families to facilitate the journey to their preferred outcomes.

Featuring healthcare organizations' stories of success, this manual distills expert professional practice into steps beginning with establishing relationships with care providers and patients at the bed side, culminating in improved patient satisfaction and employee engagement. Restoring a sense of purpose, nurse retention and recruitment soars. Throughout the continuum of care, this book offers a conceptual framework for excellence through improved connection with patients, enhanced critical thinking, and advanced teamwork.

what others are saying ...

"RROHC is a wonderful, comprehensive program that has helped our nurses to refocus their work away from the operational tasks and back to the bedside... Ruth's simple framework for communication has rekindled the passion within the nursing organization."

John Labriola, CEO, William Beaumont Hospitals, Royal Oak