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THE LEADING EDGE: Nurses Transforming Healthcare Through Change Management

Facilitated by Ruth Hansten, RN PhD FACHE
Hansten Healthcare PLLC

In this full-day workshop, Ruth Hansten teaches the concepts of transformational leadership and change development through a framework of concepts and experiential exercises, with the intent of helping RNs shed the internal handcuffs that impede their leadership of teams, their units, or departments. Synchronized with the IOM's mission for nurses transforming healthcare through specialized knowledge and skill, this session helps the participants reevaluate their current wellbeing and happiness, and their impact on their colleagues and patients, while providing tools for change management and appreciative intelligence development. Make this day a "must" for professional development during challenging times.


  • Describe the rationale for nursing practice as change agency.
  • List the components of successful strategic change.
  • Experience the 4Ps of team leadership to illustrate the fundamental concepts of effective change management.
  • Differentiate between external change and internal transition processes.
  • Experience the steps of transition.
  • Define appreciative intelligence.
  • Assess personal qualities of change hardiness and resilience in leadership.
  • Identify the types of organizational resistance.
  • Analyze key stakeholders and strategies to sustain momentum.
  • Make a personal commitment to future steps to transform the workplace.



Clinical RNs, Charge RNs, emerging leaders and executives will be able to flourish in an ever-turbulent and exciting environment, changing and transforming their workplaces, patient’s and family’s results, and ultimately the health of their communities, through new knowledge and tools for change leadership.

For more details, or to schedule The Leading Edge Workshop at your facility, contact Ruth Hansten or Kathy Watkins.


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Give Your Hospital The Leading Edge!

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